Writer's Block: The long and winding road

Are there any difficult events in your past that made you a stronger person today? If you could go back and erase them, would you?

Losing our first baby Nov 09, i wouldn't change what happened as it has made me a stronger person.

It really did push mine and Aj's(hubby) relationship to the max but also made us stronger as a couple. It's not a nice thing to go through and i wouldn't even wish it onto my worst enemy.

Hugs Emma x

Writer's Block: And now for something completely different

If you could change one thing about yourself, except for looks, what would it be?

I'd really like to change how i sometimes have a big mouth and say things that are not ment to be said infront of certain people. It's gotten me in trouble a few tmes but have learnt by mistakes but something slips occasionally it makes me feel untrusted im glad it doesn't happen that often.

Hugs Emma x

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Well as you can tell by my piccy at the top of this entry that Aj and I are expecting a boucing baby boy :D
So Tony John David, will eventually become TJ for short once his a bit older. We soooo can't wait to meet him now, but still got about 4 months to go yet. Aj was over the moon when we found out yesterday as he wanted a boy. And right from when we found out i was pregnant he said it was a boy. I was hoping for a girl, but am not dissapointed at all. As long as he is healthy that's the main thing right???

My younger sister Bonnie has been causing major drama at my parents house, i really thought after having her son that she would grow up, and stop having stupid teenage temper tantrum's. She's 20 and acts like a spoilt 15 year old, her and her fiancee Aaron don't do anything to help out around the house. My poor mum does EVERYTHING, cooks for them, does their's and the baby's washing, all the housework. Everytime they are asked to do some housework, even just to wash up it's like my mum has asked them to jump off a bridge and they make such a fuss and don't bother. They keep complaining that they want to get there own flat/house, but i dread to imagine what that will look like... as their bedroom is always a complete tip you can't even see the carpet. I really don't know how they can have the baby up there in that condition but they don't seem to give a crap!!
The main thing Bonnie is kicking off about is my parents, Aj and I going on holiday together again this year. Apparently we are selfish for doing so, but as my mum keeps trying to explain were planning on going at the end of August just after they are due to get married on 27th August. And that they wouldn't be able to afford to go on holiday, but Bonnie being Bonnie spat her dummy out and has been giving my mum attitude and treating her like shit ever since last night. When ever my mum tries to talk to her after a row they've had she screams at my mum, i was there when she was screaming at her 2day and i had a go at her. Telling her ''that's your mum don't talk to her like a piece of shit'' but she doesn't take any notice. Im trying not to get to involved as i get so stressed out with her and i really don't need the stress being 5 month pregnant!!!

I've made a shepards pie since i came back from my parents at 2-30pm, so all i have to do when Aj gets home is put it in the oven and cook some veg to go with it. Woo hoo 2 homemade meals i've cooked this week im sooo pleased with myself, i made quiche on monday. Im hoping to do at least 2 homemade meals a week from now on as at least i know what's in my cooking, and there is so much crap in processed food. Gets us in good habits once Tony is born as were not putting him of jar baby food, once his able to go onto solid's. He'll be having liquidised version's on what we are eating depending on what it is.

Well my back is aching, and aj will be home soon so im going to relax for a bit before dinner.

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Hugs Emma x

Sex Scan today woop woop

Hey Girlies, i hope that the start of your week is going ok. Mine has been good so far, so glad that today is my day off though.

We have the sex scan at the hospital this morning at 10am, Aj and I are soooo excited about it. We have both been up since 7am, Aj's also got today off work which is also great too :)
Aj's mum irene should be arriving here in the next 20 mins, then we have a taxi booked for 9-15am to go to the hospital. We will be about half hour early for the scan but we'd rather be there early than late, and we'll never know we may get seen earlier than 10am. Aj's happily watching WWE Raw which he recorded last night on our sky box, i've been watching bits of it as well. It's one tv programme we both love and i have been watching it since i was a little girl i used to watch it with my dad when i was younger and still living at home.

Once we get back from the hospital Aj and I are going to pop into my parents to let my mum and sister know the sex of Jelly Bean. I told my mum i didn't want to tell her over the phone as it's something special and personal that i want to tell her ace to face. Also she has come up with having a blue and pink ball of wool, closing her eyes while i have beoth of them and i give her the coloured ball that the sex of the baby is. So sweet i think and keeps her guessing for a little longer. After that i need to go and see my midwife, and get my Matb1 certificate(proof of pregnancy from midwife for hr) send that off 2day with my date i will go off on maturnity leave. And also get her to sign my milk token form, which will entitle me to free milk,baby formula, and fresh veggies and potatoes while im pregnant. Seems like i have soooo much on my mind this morning, just can't wait to see Jelly Bean again and see how much baby has grown. We have a boys and girls name picked out let me know what you think....

Boys Name:- Tony John David Hall
Girls Name:- Connie Marie Hall

Aj's also cooking dinner later Lamb Chops,New Potatoes,and Brocolli and Couliflour Yummy!!! We have to go to sainsbury's and get some shopping.
Then were going to have a romantic afternoon together and watch a dvd, it's Aj's turn to choose what dvd we watch as we take it in turn's choosing what dvd to watch. And on sunday afternoon i choose ''Blood Diamonds'' starring Leonado Dicaprio and it's based on a true story. Not one of Leo's best films but the story line was really good... Any of you seen it???

Well i guess i should go and get dressed, and get my bits together that i need to take to the hospital. I'll try and update about Jelly Beans sex later 2day, if not it will prob be 2moro now.

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Hugs Emma x

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Where has this week gone??? I can't believe it's saturday tomorrow, i doesn't help when my working week begin's on a wednesday though. I soo can't wait once im on maturnity leave and my weeks and body clock can get back to some normality. Shorlty after Aj and I found out that i was pregnant again, we bagan talking about my maturnity leave and i had said from the begining that i wanted to give up work. I want to be a full-time mum and raise our little Jelly Bean, the way that i see it why have children if your not going to raise them yourselves. Plus i don't want to miss anything(1st smile,laugh,walk, ect). I've got about 11 weeks until im hoping to go onto maturnity leave, but it depends on how i get on and if i can do the full 11 weeks i'll prob have to go onto early maturnity leave.

Had another good day so far 2day, work went well and i was just left to get on with my job. My manager Laurie comes and checks on me to see how im doing throughout my shift, his really good like that.
Yesterday we finally filled out my Risk Assesment which i must point out should have been done back in oct when i informed HR that i was pregnant. But my company is such a joke that nothing important like this gets done properly, i would never have forgiven the company if anything would have happened to me or Jelly bean and i would not have been covered by the company at all.
 Didn't need to go to sleep again this morning when i got in from work, which i was really pleased about as when i do go to sleep when i come in from work on some days. More than half my day is gone due to sleeping, i'll have to go to sleep when i get in tomorrow as Aj and I are going out tomorrow evening with my dad. I relaxed for an hour when i first got home as im on my feet for 4 and half hours out of my 5hr shift so to get off my feet and enjoy a nice cuppa is just bliss.

Got a little bit of housework done, changed our bed, done a wash load and last nights washing up, after that i was shattered so have been relaxing ever since. Watched part of Edward Sissorhands on dvd until Aj got home from work just after midday, so i let him turn it off for an hour and watch ''The Bill'' while i made him some lunch.
His sleeping right now and i've got to wake him at about 2-30pm, as were going to Maidstone(our local town) at 3pm as Aj's having some more work done on his tattoo this afternoon. His got an hour session, hoping to get his tattoo coloured, while he gets that started i need to pop to Mothercare. As i need my bust measured again, as the sports bra's im wearing are getting tight under my bust and the elastic is cutting in. So i'll get measured again then when i get paid again i'll go and buy some bigger sports bra's but may buy them with a bit more room so i have longer wear out of them. As the one's i have now i only bought last month, but while pregnant your bust is getting bigger all the time.

Not sure what we have planned for this evening, i'll prob have an early night and read in bed for half an hour or so before i go to sleep. I managed to get some more of Mizz Kt's letter written last night im hoping to get it finished once we get home from town depending on how tired i am after dinner.

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