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Life of a modern day 1950's Rockin Chick

Inside the brain of Rockinchick24

29 May
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My Name is Emma, im 26 years old. Married to Aj who's 31, together we have a son called Tony(Tj) who was born on 17th June 2011.

I love being a mummy, even though it can be frustrating and tough at times but it's all worth it. Tony's teething right now and having a hard time with it too bless him.

We have 2 fur babies(cats) both are half burmese Smudge he is 2 1/2 and missy is 2. They are my other loves apart from my hubby and my son. Our home wouldn't be the same if we didn't have them.

My fab user pic was made for me by the fab artisticstarr, thanks so much hunni i love it :D
1950's rock'n'roll, also true stories, anything really, biog's and autobiog's, braveheart, charmed, cooking, country, elvis presley, friends, green mile, music, pen palling(email and snailmail), period drama's, poetry, pop, r'n'b, reading, shawshank redemtion, tv, veronica mars, war -time drama